Learn to run C or CPP in Sublime Text, Lifesaver of Contest Programming

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C and C++ are the most powerful programming language in the world. Most of the super fast and complex libraries and algorithms are written in C or C++. Most powerful Kernel programs are also written in C. So, there is no way to skip it.

In programming competitions, most programmers prefer to write code in C or C++. Tourist is considered the worlds top programming contestant of all ages who write code in C++.

During programming competitions, programmers prefer to use a lightweight editor to focus on…

Learn basic Web Scraping and HTML parsing using the BeautifulSoup (bs4) Python Library

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The necessity of web scraping and HTML parsing is increasing day by day. To tackle parsing task, most of the programmers prefers Python. BeautifulSoup is a most useful Python Library for parsing HTML and XML.

In this article, I will discuss how to install BeautifulSoup and parse an HTML page. I will try to collect the available jobs from the Stack Overflow job section.

Firstly, let's drive into the Stack Overflow job page. In the second left column, we can see the job title, Company Name, Location, Technology Requirements, Job Post date and Job type. …

Learn basic matrix operations using the einsum API of Numpy Python Library

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Einstein notation or Einstein summation convention is the most concise and powerful way to write indexed mathematical notations. In Machine Learning and Data Science, it’s very beneficial to perform matrix or tensor operations using this convention. It provides flexibility without reshaping the matrix.

In this article, we will learn the basic matrix operations using the einsum API of NumPy. Without further delay, let's start!

NumPy Installation

We can install Numpy in two different ways. One is the most common pip, and Conda is the other way.

Installation using Conda:

conda install numpy

Installation using pip:

pip2 install numpy #python2
pip3 install numpy #python3

Matrix Declaration using Numpy

All matrices are array. We…

Habibur Rahman

Graduate Research Fellow @Amii, @UAlberta

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